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Cheyenne Lawyers Seek Justice for Victims of Truck Accidents

Wyoming firm pursues compensation for clients injured in crashes

If your vehicle collides with a truck, the damage can be life-changing. At Romsa Law Office, P.C. in Cheyenne, our attorneys have nearly 35 years of combined experience representing Wyoming accident victims who have suffered serious harm in collisions with large commercial vehicles. We have detailed knowledge of the federal and state regulations that govern trucks and can find problems that might have led to your injuries. In every case, our lawyers look beyond the driver to find other potentially liable parties— including fleet owners, maintenance personnel, products and parts manufacturers, and businesses that hired the truck in question — to pursue the maximum possible compensation for your injury claim.

Knowledgeable litigators handle a full range of commercial vehicle claims

No matter what triggered your collision, our personal injury attorneys will advise you on each aspect of your insurance claim and potential lawsuit. We conduct a thorough investigation to identify possible accident causes such as:

  • Aggressive driving — Pressure to make deadlines and finish jobs can cause truck drivers to speed or take risks. We examine the facts to determine if aggressive driving contributed to the crash.
  • Fatigue — Rules regarding driver rest are frequently violated. Our firm can identify whether operator fatigue is a factor in your case.
  • Oversized trucks — Heavy loads can reduce a truck driver’s ability to control the large vehicle and increase the impact when a crash occurs.
  • Poor design and maintenance — Our lawyers have the experience and resources to uncover mechanical issues and other flaws that compromise commercial vehicle safety.
  • Unlicensed or untrained drivers — Driving a big-rig is a serious responsibility that requires specific training. When a trucking company seeks to cut corners by putting an unqualified person behind the wheel, we work tirelessly to hold them accountable.

During an initial consultation, our firm’s lawyers assess your situation and offer informed counsel regarding your choices under Wyoming’s auto insurance code. Whether you file a claim with your own insurer or the carrier for the driver at fault, or you initiate a lawsuit, we will aggressively assert your legal rights.

Contact a tenacious Wyoming truck accident lawyer for a consultation

Romsa Law Office, P.C. represents Wyoming clients injured in truck accidents and other vehicle collisions. Please call 307-433-8777 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation at our office in Cheyenne.