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Cheyenne Lawyers Assist Victims of Slip and Fall Accidents

Wyoming advocates seek payment from negligent property owners

One fall on a dangerous surface can cause serious physical problems and prevent you from going to work. If your accident resulted from a hazardous or poorly maintained property condition, monetary damages are available under Wyoming law. At Romsa Law Office, P.C. in Cheyenne, we help slip and fall victims obtain compensation for medical costs, lost wages and other available damages. Our lawyers work aggressively to hold negligent property owners and other liable parties accountable. Even if you are party responsible for the incident, you can still collect a financial recovery as long the percentage of fault assigned to you is less than 50 percent.

Aggressive attorneys handle all types of premises liability claims

Property owners and managers are required to use reasonable care to protect people they can expect to be using their property. During a consultation, one of our lawyers can explain how the law applies to your case whether or not one of these common causes was involved:

  • Wet floors — Spills or wet shoes can make indoor surfaces extremely slick. If you’ve been hurt after slipping on a wet floor, we will advise you of your rights.
  • Damaged sidewalks — Our firm assists pedestrians who have been victimized by poorly maintained surfaces on sidewalks and private walking areas.
  • Obstructions in stores or other public spaces — An unexpected object in a store aisle or hallway is a trip hazard. By taking strong action against negligent parties, we pursue justice for injured plaintiffs and press defendants to improve their safety practices.

The firm’s personal injury attorneys make every effort to establish that the owner violated his duty of care, and that negligence directly led to the harmful incident that injured you. We work diligently on behalf of slip and fall victims to secure compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Contact a skilled Wyoming premises liability lawyer for consultation

Romsa Law Office, P.C. represents Wyoming clients in slip and fall cases and other types of personal injury matters. Please call 307-433-8777 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation at our Cheyenne office.