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Cheyenne Business Law Attorneys Help Clients Thrive

Wyoming law firm delivers knowledgeable counsel to companies

Whether you are a rising entrepreneur or an established businessperson, strong legal counsel is essential for handling the various intricacies affecting businesses in today’s ever-changing environment. At Romsa Law Office, P.C. in Cheyenne, we provide comprehensive legal support to Wyoming companies so that owners and managers can concentrate on growing their business. Our experienced attorneys deliver professional legal guidance on matters ranging from corporate formation to dissolution by tailoring our advice to the particular needs and goals of your business. Whether you require assistance with a contract issue, a transaction or a liability matter, our firm will serve as a valuable resource.

Accomplished lawyers advise on key business formation issues

Launching a new venture is an exciting time filled with a seemingly endless amount of important details. We make sure that legal tasks are accounted for, providing professional assistance with issues such as:

  • Entity elections and conversions — By evaluating your particular business objectives, we can determine how your firm should be legally registered. We explain the relative advantages of options such as corporations, partnerships, LLCs and LLPs. Once you decide what works best, we file the necessary documents with the Wyoming Secretary of State or the relevant authority in another state.
  • Tax matters — Our attorneys can guide you through decisions such as whether you should establish an S or C corporation for tax purposes. We go beyond the technical rules and demonstrate how these choices will affect your specific business.
  • Bylaws and corporate matters — We help new operations establish rules to ensure proper governance and enable growth. Companies with joint ownership usually benefit from a buy-sell agreement that mandates how shares will be treated if one owner needs to leave the business suddenly.

We are a small business, so we know the financial pressures that you face. We offer an initial consultation so you can gain an overview of your options before moving ahead.

Dedicated counselors provide comprehensive advice on contracts

Most businesses live or die based on their ability to negotiate, execute and enforce contracts. No matter what type of field you are in, skilled counsel in these matters is essential. Whether you need an agreement drafted or are reviewing a document provided by another party, we will painstakingly analyze and explain each term. Once you have a thorough understanding of the rights and obligations at stake, we strive for the best possible deal. If a nonperformance problem arises after execution, we will take swift, effective action on your behalf.

Contact a knowledgeable Cheyenne business lawyer for an initial consultation

Romsa Law Office, P.C. counsels startups and other Wyoming business clients in a full range of legal matters. Please call 307-433-8777 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation at our Cheyenne office.